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Crane Retrofits, Upgrades, Boom Length Extension


Repair and Maintenance of Offshore Crane & Lifting Equipment


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Refurbishment & Recertification of Offshore Cranes & Lifting Equipment

Rabutec is one of the larger crane refurbishment companies in the region. With our new acquired facilities, the company has the ability to simultaneously refurbish multiple offshore cranes of all capacities (5 ton to 500 ton) per year. Our well trained technical teams include crane specialists, certified crane inspectors, hydraulic and mechanical specialists, structural and hydraulic engineers. Software in our inventory includes Autocad, Inventor Pro, Nastran and Ansys.

Rabutec has the experience refurbishing and recertifying the following offshore cranes;

• Liebherr Crane • Link Belt Cranes • Hydralift Cranes

• Baker Marine Cranes • Seaking / Seatrax Cranes • Sekigahara Cranes

• National Cranes • Pyramid Cranes • Mitsubishi Cranes

• Bucyrus Erie Marine Cranes • Arora Cranes • Techcranes

• Nautilus / Skagit cranes • Herkules Cranes • Favco Cranes

Crane refurbishment Process

1. Crane is completely disassembled, components stripped.

Procedure for refurbishment is approved by independent Third Party bodies (e.g: ABS, DNV, LR)

2. Defective parts are identified, repaired or replaced. Only OEM parts are used.
3. Structural refurbishment includes MPI. Surface preparation and refurbishment are in accordance to API standards including the application of a 3 coat marine paint system.
4. All refurbished components are tested and recertified as per applicable procedures. All parts purchased new are with certificates.
5. Crane is re-assembled.
6. Crane is function tested.
7. Crane is installed on the facility / vessel.
8. Crane is load tested. Load testing will be witnessed by appointed 3rd Party.

9. Issuance of Certification by independent class or certifying body.

See samples of Certification issued by 3rd Party bodies.

Crane Retrofits, Upgrades, Boom Length Extension

Rabutec’s engineering department is well equipped with latest high end engineering software to support design services which are proactive with operational requirements. Software in our inventory includes Autocad, Inventor Pro, Nastran and Ansys. The software are operated by talented team of experienced engineers and draftsmen. This capability has enables Rabutec to carry our various retrofit design and upgrades to old cranes to meet current industry standards. Our ability to perform gap analysis and provide clients with recommendation which includes functional upgrades to meet new revised safety and technical standards has been an asset and niche to our company.

In addition, Rabutec is now able to design special application lifting equipment and cranes special purposes.

Some of the recent upgrades/retrofits works that we have performed are;

  • Link Belt Crane : upgrade to include man-riding function & CLASS recertification.
  • Sekigahara Crane : To retrofit and upgrade Provision crane to include man-riding function, lengthen boom length to enable to reach personnel transfer boat, provide independent power system to crane.
  • FMC Link Belt Crane : Re-engineering to extend boom length and upgrade / retrofit to include man- riding functions.
  • Mitsubishi Crane : Crane upgrade / retrofit to include Design, Fabrication and Installation of HPU Deck, Operator Cabin and Man Riding Capability and Functions.

Repair and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes and Lifting Equipment

Rabutec has more than 30 years servicing the offshore industries in maintenance related activities. Over the years, Rabutec has inspected, refurbished, operated and maintained various cranes of various different manufacturers.

Accordingly, through our many years of experience, we have built and established;

  • Mutual collaboration with various crane manufacturers.
  • Vast experience liaising with various OEM’s
  • Dedicated in-house engineers, technicians, mechanical specialists, hydraulic specialists and certified inspectors.
  • Developed a good pool of contractors / consultants whom we work with on a regular basis.
  • In-house engineering team that is able to do reverse engineering and design/manufacture of special/obsolete component.
  • Carry full complement of support equipment, tools, spares and testing equipment.

A list of the different manufacturer’s cranes that we have carried out repair, maintenance, refurbishment works, upgrades and/or retrofit works as of date are as follows:-

  • Favco Cranes
  • Herkules Cranes
  • BMC Cranes
  • National Cranes
  • Bucyrus Erie Cranes
  • Link Belt Cranes
  • Seaking / Seatrax Cranes
  • Nautilus / Skagit Cranes
  • American Aero Cranes
  • Techcranes
  • Mitsubishi Crane
  • Sekigahara Crane
  • Hydralift Cranes
  • Pyramid Cranes

Supply of Refurbished Offshore Cranes

In line with our business motto “Innovative Ideas, Practical Solution”, Rabutec offers refurbished and recertified used cranes which are:-

  • Reduced Cost – 40% cheaper than a new crane
  • Shorter Delivery – deliver in 3-5 months. Typical delivery for a new offshore crane is 12 months
  • Warranty – 12 months after commissioning
  • Certification – 3rd Party certification is provided
  • After Sales Support – provided

List of refurbished and recertified offshore cranes that Rabutec has supplied in the past;

  • National Cranes
  • Baker Marine Cranes
  • Seaking / Seatrax Cranes
  • Bucyrus Erie Marine Cranes
  • Pyramid Crane
  • Liebherr Cranes

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Rental of Offshore Portable Cranes

We do provide Rental of Offshore Portable Cranes. Contact us to find out more about this services.

Manufacture of Davits, Slew Jib Cranes

Through our many years of experience working on cranes and associated lifting equipment, we recently took a step further by venturing into manufacture, supply, install and commissioning of Davits and Slew Jib Cranes.

Types of davits and jib cranes that are in our range are;

  • Slewing Arm Davits
  • Slewing Jib Crane
  • Pivot Davits
  • Davits for offshore load loading

Our davits and Jib Cranes are;

  • The system supplied can be standalone (freestanding) or integrated int0 the facilities, e.g. deck mount.
  • Practical and cost efficient
  • Suitable for offshore application
  • Suitable for hazardous zone if required
  • Reliable and safe
  • Class and Offshore / Industry Certified

Manufacture of Crane Components

Crane Components Manufacture is also part of our expertise. Contact us to find our more!

Aviation Ground Services Equipment (GSE) and Services


Reverse Engineer/Redesign Scissor Lift Platforms and Pressure Vessel Equipment to meet compliance standards.


Carry out Load test and Hydrostatic Test and obtain Certificate of Fitness as per approved Authority.


Design and Manufacture Scissor Lift Platforms.


Refurbish and Retrofit Aviation Ground Services Equipment.


Carry out Routine Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services and Emergency Breakdown Services.


Supply of Ground Services Equipment.

Rabutec’s Partner Services



Walk To Work Systems / Heave Compensated Gangways


Well Intervention Systems & Equipment


Pipe & Cable Lay Systems & Equipment


Trenchers & Ploughs


Subsea Tools


Special Product Manufacture

(Subsea and Bespoke Equipment)

To find out more about OSBIT, please visit www.osbit.com


Design, Manufacture & Supply of New API Cranes

Rabutec is now capable of supplying new API 2C marine cranes. This is made possible as a result of our partnership with an established marine cranes manufacturer, Elevating Boats LLC (EBI).

EBI has been manufacturing offshore marine cranes since 1963. Since the beginning, their offshore cranes have been designed and manufactured to be;

  • Rugged in design, built with simplicity and serviceability in mind
  • Competitive in Cost
  • Low in Maintenance
  • High precision, high production cranes exemplifying safety, versatility, convenience and value.
  • Meet or exceeds all API and OSHA Standards

All EBI offshore pedestal-mounted cranes are certified by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and can be modified to any specifications or classification a customer requests. Other offshore marine crane classifications that EBI Cranes has acquired for models of offshore marine cranes are ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), Lloydes Register, and Bureau Veritas.

EBI offers high level of customization to meet client’s specific lifting requirements. EBI has three offshore pedestal-mounted cranes designs;

  • Lattice boom
  • Telescopic boom
  • Fixed boom

Lattice Boom Marine Cranes – a lattice boom marine crane allows you to have a lighter boom to load ration. With a lighter boom weight, you’re able to lift heavier loads. Lift and handle heavier loads with EBI’s lattice boom offshore pedestal-mounted cranes.

Telescopic Boom Marine Cranes – a telescopic offshore marine crane allows you to have a longer reach on a vessel. Being able to retract the telescopic boom with EBI outer telescopic gearboxes, allows you store it easier on the deck of your vessel yielding more space on the deck. Make the reach of your lift without compromising the space of your offshore supply vessel with EBI’s telescopic boom marine crane.

Fixed Boom Marine Cranes – a more affordable and easier to maintain, EBI’s fixed boom pedestal crane is more durable and has less moving parts. EBI’s fixed boom pedestal crane is the perfect solution for standard, ordinary lifting & handling needs. A fixed boom marine crane works faster and is mostly used to transport groceries and smaller, more ordinary lifting & handling purposes.

EBI marine cranes can be used as liftboat cranes, ship cranes, dockside cranes, platform cranes, and more. EBI Marine cranes users are of various industries; oil & gas, marines, petrochemical, shipyards, military, and many more.

To find out more about EBI CRANES LLC, please visit www.ebi-inc.com


As an expansion to our crane and lifting services, Rabutec recently entered into collaboration with Markoad Systems Inc. to supply and provide technical services support to load monitoring technology in the region.

Markload Systems, Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of load monitoring systems for all types of cranes. Markload Systems Inc. design and build standard and custom systems to meet all clients’ needs.

Markload Safe Load Indicator (SLI) / Load Moment Indicator (LMI) / Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) systems are of superior quality and features as follows;

All system components are designed for harsh offshore environments

Built to provide years of accurate and reliable use

User friendly, easy to install and maintained

Lower cost for spare parts

After Sales Support / Services are provided

Spare parts are mostly readily available in-stock

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