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Rabutec has successfully completed a contract for Provision of Manpower, Tools, Equipment and Consumables for Inspection, Service and Maintenance of Tarpon Crane Onboard a Platform.


Rabutec has sucessfully completed a contract for Provision of Manpower, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Major Repair / Crane Rectification Works on 3 units of Pedestal Hydraulic Cranes (2 x 10T and 1 x 13T) onboard Floating Storage Offload unit (FSO).

The following works were carried out:

  1. Reinstated 10 Ton crane which was decommissioned after boom recovery operations.
  2. Performed repairs on major components of 3 cranes.
  3. Performed NDT / MPI on structural components.
  4. Carried out Full inspection on all cranes, load test and crane recertification.


 Rabutec has completed a contract for Provision of Manpower, Tools & Equipment for Life Extension of Cranes onboard FSO.

Works carried out:

  1. To execute the thickness gauging on both of the crane’s boom and the pedestal column for corrosion checks.
  2. To perform comprehensive site inspection including crane major structural parts inspection, slew gear and slew ring inspection, checking on mechanical parts and electronic control system.
  3. To perform engine full function test (with and without load).


Rabutec has successfully completed a contract for Provision of Manpower, Tools and Equipment for carrying out Luffing Cylinder Replacement and Load Test after the new luffing cylinder installation.


Rabutec has completed a contract for Provision of Manpower, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Boom Recovery, Rectification of Boom, Wire Rope Replacement and Health Check of Hose Handling Crane and Provision Crane onboard FSO PUD


Rabutec has successfully completed a contract for Five (5) Yearly Crane Load Test, Annual Crane Inspection, Rocking Test and Maintenance of 250 Ton Crane onboard Accommodation Barge supporting Offshore Operations.


Rabutec has successfullycompleted Renewal / Refurbishment of Two (2) Units Luffing / Crane Elevation Cylinder onboard Floating Storage Offloading unit (FSO).

Scope of Work are supply of parts and provision of manpower and tools to carry out the works offshore.

Works were carried out in a manner where the crane were shut down for minimum of time to allow operations to proceed where needed. Work was carried out ahead of schedule, successfully tested and without any incidents.


Rabutec has successfullycompleted Corrective Maintenance service onboard Floating Production Storage Offload unit (FPSO) and TARPON platform.

Rectification works are as below

Rectification of Luffing Cylinder; Clean tank and hydraulic oil replacement; Perform annual inspection and carry out load test successfully; Wire rope replacement of overhead crane in engine room and pull test performed successfully; Winch Refurbishment; Crane Plates Replacement (A2B, Gauges, Fuel Pumps, etc.); Slew Bolt Inspection & MPI; Winch Foundation Replacement; Carry out Pull Test successfully

Job Opportunities / Vacancies

We are looking for experienced individuals for the following positions for immediate hiring

  • Crane Technicians / Senior Crane Technicians (Urgent/3 Positions)
  • Crane Supervisor / Senior Crane Services Engineer
  • Crane Retrofit Engineers (Hydraulic/Structural)
  • Operations Assistant
  • Mechanical Technician / Senior Mechanical Technician
  • Technical Trainers / Line Trainers – Onshore / Offshore

We are also seeking out suitable East Malaysian individuals to work on long term contracts with us.

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