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Retrofit / Upgrade of Provision Crane (Sekigahara) to Include Man-Riding Application

The Provision crane on board the vessel, Sekigahara crane, model number EEO – A type, was originally designed to be a 4 ton cargo lifting crane. The crane had a boom which was 4.5 meters long. Our client hired the vessel for offshore support work in Terengganu. As part of the requirements, our clientneeded a man riding crane on board for personnel transfer. Rabutec was contracted to retrofit the Provision crane such that man riding capabilities can be achieved.

After a thorough review of the crane, the following works were carried out on the crane by Rabutec:

  1.  To engineer and install a man riding winch (a Braden winch) capable of man riding capacity of 1.25 MT.
  2. To engineer, fabricate and install a new boom – 8 meters long boom to ensure sufficient reach to reach offshore vessels.
  3. To certify the crane to be suitable for man riding as per API and Offshore Lifting Standards and Guidelines,by a qualified PE and a recognised Third Party

During the course of the works, it was also discovered that the base of the gantry of the crane was severely corroded. At the request of the client, Rabutec carried out engineering and repair works to repair the gantry as per ABS standards and API Industry Standards

The works on the crane were carried out in accordance to API RP 2D and ABS guidelines for lifting equipment. The works was completed within 2 months. The crane was successfully load tested in the presence of Lloyd’s Register.